€ 853 days

Llenar tu cuerpo con el aire puro de las playas virgenes de cayo Santa Maria y conocer un pueblo magico y poco turistico pero autentico. No necesita preocuparse por el alojamiento y el transporte. Le garantizamos casas particulares adaptadas para el turismo. Le ahorraremos tiempo y dinero.

$ 504 ~ 6 hr

Te invito a conocer un exuberante paisaje, aves endémicas, cabalgatas, senderismo, ver a los campesinos en sus labores diarias y compartir con ellos un delicioso almuerzo cocinado al carbón... Explorar cuevas y disfrutar del campo cubano en todo su esplendor

$ 652 ~ 3 hr

Un viaje a la comunidad LGBTIQ de La Habana, en el cual podrán conocer acerca de la historia de los derechos sexuales en Cuba, y pasar una excelente noche en uno de los espacios queer más icónicos de la ciudad junto a la estrella principal.

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€30 ROOM/night

Hostal El Barco offers professional, ethical and family tourist attention, linked to an attractive natural environment, with comfortable rooms and healthy food. The hostel has an organoponico, where all the vegetables consumed at dinners are grown. There is also a Meliponario of bees endemic to Cuba where honey is extracted for breakfast and dinner, this honey is very rich in vitamins and nutrients. The rooms and the accommodation have been designed to guarantee you maximum comfort, TV with digital signal, air conditioning, fully stocked minibar, fan, 110 v power, hot and cold water 24 hours, plus a pleasant natural air that will enter through its window, it is equipped with 2 double beds, wardrobe - hanger, in addition to the cleaning and hygiene that distinguishes us, we guarantee sanitary paper, soap and towels. Independence, Privacy, Security, Tranquility, Comfort and Good Service are basic components that guarantee the satisfaction of our guests today and always. The hostel has 2 levels, in the first level you will find the kitchen and the restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, also on the tip of the boat is a terrace set with plants ideal for relaxation and rest, there is also an organoponico and a meliponario, on the second level we find rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4. The hostel has very good lighting and a parking lot of the Hostel in case you come by car.

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
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Casa Playa Buren in Boca de Camarioca, Varadero is located in front of the beach el buren, only 10 meters, very ventilated and illuminated place, offers from the porch r the terrace view of the sea and the sunset, ideal to take Breakfast or drink a cocktail. Security guaranteed. Equipped with with pantry to prepare own food or request the service. They are 20 minutes from the airport of Varadero. Owners have 20 years of work in tourism, experience and commitment. The casa has a portal, living room, kitchen - dining room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, backyard and terrace on 2nd floor. New Beach of Boca de Camariocapictures

Matanzas, Cuba
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La Casa Odalys, está ubicada en el centro de la Habana, sin embargo al estar ubicada en una calle de no-trafico, goza de una tranquilidad extrema. Cerca están la Universidad de la Habana, La Quinta de Los Molinos, un hermoso y extenso parque urbano que consta de un mariposario impresionante asi como de bastas areas de vegetacion y jardines. Casa Odalys es pequeña pero muy acojedora, es ideal para familias que deseen rentar la casa completa.

Habana, Cuba


Hi there, some days ago I was in The Capitolio a beautiful buildings admirable by its amazing majesty and royalty. It stands like the division of two neighborhood the Old Havana and Havana Center. The building was inaugurated on May the 20th, 1929 to commemorate the establishment of the republic in Cuba. The whole process took only 3 years because the building was erected over the foundations of the former railways station “Villanueva”. It was conceived as the seat of the Congress and the Senate and the American company Purdy and Henderson fulfil the construction project. The façade shows a prevailing of the neoclassical style while the inner decoration is mainly an opulent eclectic style but without loosing the balance. The 90 m. high dome is a visible from all the ends of the city. The bronzed statues standing at each side of the main entry were done by the Italian Angello Zanelli and they represent the work and progress and the Tutelar Virtue of the Cuban people. The main entry has 3 doors as well as 3 were also the regions in which the island was divided, each one exhibit part of the Cuban history. From rightwards: the first one it’s devoted to the conquer period, the second one to the XIX century independence wars and the third one to the republics. The statue of the Republic was also made by Angello Zanelli and represents the Republics. It’s the 3rd world highest statue under roof with 17.5 m high and 30 tons of weight totally covered with golden sheets. It is placed in the center of the main hall “Salón de los Pasos Perdidos” originally conceived for the official ceremonies. This 48m long and 15m wide hall is covered by different kinds of marble and at its center lays a replica of a diamond of 44 carats that pointed the start of the Central Highway. Nowadays the building is the seat of the Science, Technology and Environment ministry Undoubtedly, the Capitolio is a place you should visit if you are in Havana. I suggest it to you. (If you have any questions and want to contact me, reach to me in God bless you.)

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Today you have the opportunity to move like the wind in a dance, you just have to reserve a beautiful Cherolet Belair. You can live a unique experience today returning 1953 between colonial landscapes, contrasts and an immense sea at your fingertips.


Thunderbird 1958, belongs to the second generation of thunderbid models produced by Ford company. The four seat model, sport and luxury at the same, was a selling success by selling four times more that its predecessor. This model was pioneer on the "Luxury personal cars" Market. It was the first model line to earn the "Motor Trend, Car fo the Year" honors. This kind of honors previously were only given to entire companies. Lazaro, is very proud of his thunderbird, who wouldn't be? And he makes the invitation to show you Havana by driving one of the sexiest cars you can find in Cuba. At every sight you will have time for pictures to hear Lazaro to talking about stories of the place.


Beauty, who has once bowed to beauty, told a friend based on a beautiful story, the story of a beggar who is given alms and then buys a piece of bread to have a living with, and a rose for have to live for A car from the 50s is the living representation of an era of art manifesting an unparalleled beauty, on tours with beautiful city landscapes, which apparently has been left behind in time, and today you have the exclusive opportunity to experience it.